At the 2023 Growth Summit, the Alpine Investors community gathered in Sonoma, California to connect and learn from one another—and to celebrate all the ways that individuals, teams and companies have succeeded and grown. This year, our event hit max capacity and we had 350+ attendees present for workshops, keynotes and more. With executives attending from 60+ different portfolio companies, we welcomed additional teammates from Alpine HQ and Alpine Operations Group (AOG) to strengthen the community and share learnings.

Our theme this year was organic growth – Raising Your Revenue Ceiling: Breaking Through to Your Next Phase of Growth. Portfolio leaders left the summit with an expanded horizon of what is possible from hearing successful case studies from our portfolio and participating in workshops that gave them tangible tools they can implement at their own companies.

Read on for the main takeaways from our key learning sessions, so you too can break through to your next phase of growth for your teams and your business.

Best in the World Keynote with Graham Weaver

Graham Weaver presenting on becoming the best in the world.

Over the last 23 years leading at Alpine, Founder and CEO Graham Weaver has distilled the essence of growth into three principles — whether organic or inorganic growth, the principles remain the same. They’re simple and may even feel obvious. Yet if you look to the past and relive the history of companies with unrealized potential to be great, you can quickly see they are rarely followed.

As Graham presented to Growth Summit attendees, to create unprecedented growth, you need:

  • An Ideal Customer
  • An Irresistible Offer
  • An “Operation Crush”

It’s hard work, but the formula is simpler than you think. Attendees left this session with this growth strategy for their business, with time spent honing and applying it to propel their teams into their next chapter of growth.

Watch the keynote and read its transcript here.

Irresistible Offer: Positioning and Messaging for Your Company with Erin Ruck and Rachel Green

(Left) Erin Ruck and (Right) portfolio leaders Rachel Green, Austin Monahan and Tyler Morrison presenting on messaging strategies.

In this interactive positioning and messaging session with AOG’s VP Erin Ruck and TEAM RMS’ CEO Rachel Green, attendees learned concrete steps to strengthen their go-to-market message. Erin and Rachel shared insight on how to build greater leverage for portfolio leader’s revenue teams, including applying best practice methodologies to create winning elevator pitches.

Session participants also heard from Alpine executives in both software and services industries about their strategies for success, and how they’ve unlocked new opportunities for meeting and exceeding revenue goals. Our leaders left this session with an appreciation for how clarity in positioning and messaging is critical for unlocking organic growth, and an understanding of the necessary steps to pinpoint their messaging sweet spot to take their business to the next level.

Learn about go-to-market fundamentals from Erin here.

Ideal Customer: Refine Your Target Customer Profile and Buyer Persona with Billy Maguy and Roger Breum

(Left) Roger Breum presenting and (right) portfolio leaders learning how to expand revenue through target customers and buyer personas.

In this interactive workshop, AOG Head of Demand Generation Roger Breum and Alpine Partner Billy Maguy explored why zeroing in on target customers and buyer personas is a critical investment for expanding revenue. Portfolio leaders were asked to reflect on questions like, who is your ideal customer? Are you laser-focused on pursuing that target to meet your revenue goals? This session also examined the importance of clarifying and codifying their team’s knowledge and showed how Alpine’s practices for identifying their ideal customer offers immediate benefit to their in-flight initiatives. Leaving this session, leaders challenged their perspectives on their target market segments and ideal customers, expand their buyer personas, and learned all about the tools available for them to maximize their segmentation and targeting strategy.

Learn about marketing fundamentals from Roger here.

Operation Crush: Hiring A+ Growth Leaders with Matt Moore and Tal Lee Anderman

(Left) Tal Lee Anderman with Trucker Tool’s Kary Jablonski and (right) Matt Moore leading an interactive workshop on hiring best practices.

It may be a cliché, but it doesn’t make it any less true: exceptional teams start with exceptional leaders. In this hands-on session, Alpine Partner Matt Moore and AOG Chief Talent Officer Tal Lee Anderman dove deep on Alpine’s hiring best practices and focused on building effective scorecards and evaluating a diversity of candidates to create high-performing teams. Through the lens of organic growth, attendees learned the core components of an effective scorecard for revenue leaders, and then practiced evaluating candidates (from Alpine’s portfolio!) against those success metrics. Attendees left this session steeped in critical hiring skills and with a clear path to up-leveling their revenue team.

Leveraging AI to Accelerate Growth with Mark Strauch and Matt Moller

(Left) Mark Strauch and (right) Matt Moller presenting on AI strategies within the portfolio.

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic for business leaders looking to innovative and use the latest technologies to take their companies to the next level, yet how can leaders actually use it to their advantage? As Alpine Partner and President Mark Strauch and AOG’s VP of Technology Matt Moller explored in their session on leveraging AI, it starts by asking what the main impact of AI on your business and industry over the next five years will be. From there, it’s important to remember that the best defense is a good offense. This session explored three case studies from within the portfolio on ways that AI innovations helped those businesses succeed in the past year. As participants learned from these examples, they also were encouraged to ask themselves upon ending the session:

  • What is the first use case for AI at my company right now?
  • What is one blocker that, if unlocked, would allow you to move faster on AI?

To Be Continued at Next Year’s Summit

The Growth Summit was born from a shared commitment of continuous improvement and investing in community. In learning and adopting these lessons and more, our portfolio leaders left the summit with a renewed sense of motivation and drive. We can’t wait to see how these discussions and connections will manifest—and we can’t wait to take things even further with more events at next year’s Growth Summit, already scheduled for Monday, Oct 28th to Wednesday, Oct 30th, 2024.



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