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Talent Programs

Our executive talent programs are a key part of our investment strategy: we hire people first and together find businesses that fit their skillset and Alpine’s investment focus.
Our Philosophy
We believe in building fulfilling careers for people first. We’re invested in unleashing your potential and your passion, and we give you the autonomy you need to reach higher and farther.
Read more about our PeopleFirst philosophy here.


Accelerate your career trajectory with leadership opportunities as a CEO-in-Training (CIT) in our portfolio companies. Since 2015, our CIT program has been placing aspiring leaders into CEO and CXO roles at our portfolio companies immediately after graduation. In comparison, it takes most MBA graduates 15 to 30 years to obtain a CEO role. Whether you join as a CEO from day one, or begin in an executive role at one of our companies, you’ll gain the trust and encouragement to tap into your strengths and make a real impact.
In 2022, Alpine’s CIT program was the number-one most-applied-to job among graduating MBA students at The Stanford Graduate School of Business, Harvard Business School, and Wharton.
Evergreen Financial Technology Group CEO Steffi Decker on Building for the Future


As a CEO-in-Residence (CIR), you’ll have the autonomy to lead with the backing of Alpine’s proven playbook. Execute an M&A strategy with support from our sourcing team, hire a team with the support of our in-house talent team, and connect with other CEOs and executives as you navigate your business decisions. We’ll partner with you to find your next company to operate.
From Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms - Josh Greenberg


Launched in 2022, Alpine’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) program identifies the next generation of finance leaders and places them in CFO positions across Alpine’s portfolio. On day one at Alpine, our CFOs are focused on driving ARR/EBITDA expansion, financial standup, capital structure acumen, capital management, and M&A, all in service of helping their business achieve strong results. Alpine supports these CFOs with ongoing development and surrounds them with a community of executives and finance leaders to ensure they are set up for success.


Alpine's Chief People Officer (CPO) Program places rising people leaders in fast-paced, high-growth businesses across our portfolio. Fueled by robust development opportunities, executive coaching, a network of seasoned mentors, and Alpine’s proven playbook, our Chief People Officers play a critical role in helping their organizations win. Focuses include best-in-class talent, strong organizational cultures, effective learning and development offerings, data-driven HR strategies, and an unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Simply put, our CPOs drive meaningful change and growth through our firm's key focus: people.


The Alpine Executive Experience
The Alpine Executive Experience (AEx) is a community where select executives are elevated and supported by a network of Alpine peers who have a diversity of relevant expertise and experiences. Additionally, executives have opportunities to learn and connect with the Alpine Investors team, including with partners and Alpine Operations Group (AOG).

Growth Summit
Our annual Growth Summit brings leaders from Alpine Investors and our portfolio together to connect and learn from one another—and to celebrate all the ways that individuals, teams and companies have succeeded and grown.

CEO Summit
An invite-only annual event organized by Alpine’s talent team, in service of building community, providing space to grow and developing portfolio CEOs’ businesses and leadership.
Want To Learn More?
We’re invested in unleashing your potential and your passion, and we give you the autonomy you need to reach higher and farther. Send us your application and we’ll have a conversation.