SAN FRANCISCO – Alpine Investors is proud to be awarded as one of The Top Private Equity Firms of 2023 by GrowthCap, an award that honors “the best private equity firms at scaling companies.” Alpine is ranked 18th on this year’s list of over 30 firms that were named, and it is the second consecutive year the firm has been named to this list.

To determine this list, GrowthCap evaluated hundreds of private equity firms representing various segments of the market and various sizes, and firms either multi-sector or focused on a single sector. In addition to evaluating nomination submissions and the research and information received on each firm, GrowthCap says it paid close attention to what each firm’s real reputation was among CEOs, LPs and other GPs. Additionally, GrowthCap says it held conversations to discern what firm culture is like, the degree to which a firm helps its portfolio companies, overall firm growth and performance, and commitment to ESG, among other factors.

“We are proud to accept this award as a testament to the success of our PeopleFirst philosophy,” says Alpine’s Founder and CEO Graham Weaver. “At Alpine, we believe that businesses are built by investing in culture, and we maintain an unyielding commitment to our people’s development and growth. We exercise our deep passion for the people we employ and the companies we partner with by helping portfolio companies execute powerful transitions with thoughtful approaches to scalability and long-term growth. Treating people well and giving them opportunities to be their best selves at work has been the formula for our investing success, and we’re proud to be recognized for it.”

GrowthCap is a media company with a focus in providing CEOs a better understanding of the universe of capital alternatives offered by institutional investors such as private equity firms, growth equity firms, venture capital and family offices. GrowthCap is not affiliated with Alpine and Alpine paid a fee in acceptance of the award. The award was given on September 18th, 2023 and was based off of Alpine’s performance and reputation in 2023. For more information about the selection criteria and process, please visit GrowthCap’s website.

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