Alpine Investors is honored to be awarded the No. 14 placement on GrowthCap’s Top 25 Private Equity Firms of 2022 list. GrowthCap, a New York City-based advisory firm for private companies and institutional investors, says in its announcement that “this year’s awardees represent the best firms in the field of private equity investing.” In deciding which firms make the list, GrowthCap speaks with investors and CEOs across industries, evaluates firm attributes through nomination submissions, reviews ESG commitment and studies investment performance to form a holistic view. Over 600 firms were considered in this year’s process.

“We are elated to accept this award as it is a testament to how powerful our distinct PeopleFirst philosophy is,” says Alpine Investors’ Founder and CEO Graham Weaver. “At Alpine, we have a deep passion for the people we employ as much as we do for the companies in which we invest. We believe that people make companies thrive, which is why we aim to create an environment in which all people feel appreciated, valued and celebrated. Our PeopleFirst program aims to grow enduring businesses while engaging the many employees who power them. Working in an environment like the one we have curated at Alpine makes ‘business as usual’ unusually enjoyable.”

We nominated our firm to be considered for this award earlier this summer and did not pay a fee in the submission. Awardees needed to pay a fee to confirm their acceptance of the award. Alpine is not affiliated with GrowthCap. For more information about GrowthCap’s awards and selection process, please visit its website.

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