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SAN FRANCISCO & OMAHA, Nebraska – Axcel Learning (Axcel), a professional education business backed by Alpine Investors (Alpine), today announced a new partnership with KMK Optometry (KMK), the premier provider of comprehensive optometry board exam test preparation and coaching services.

Axcel is on a mission to empower the modern workforce. The partnership with KMK marks Axcel’s entry into the healthcare education industry. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Founded in 2005 by Kyle Cheatham and Melissa Cheatham, KMK is the trusted partner of choice for optometry students, revered for its commitment to empower students and aim to elevate patient care worldwide. For 20 straight years, KMK has been the #1 choice for Optometry board review with the industry’s only fully comprehensive review courses.

“I am incredibly proud of not only KMK Optometry’s growth since the company was founded over 20 years ago, but also the thousands of students whose academic and career trajectories we have positively impacted to-date,” said Kyle Cheatham, Founder and CEO of KMK. “Partnering with Axcel will enable KMK to embark on our next phase of growth and innovation so that we can support even more optometry students, schools, and practices in achieving their goals.”

At the heart of KMK’s offering lies a comprehensive suite of online test prep courses meticulously crafted to navigate students through the rigorous American NBEO and Canadian OEBC board exams. Complemented by immersive small group coaching sessions and a vibrant community platform, KMK goes beyond conventional exam preparation, providing holistic career solutions and fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

With the support of Axcel and under new leadership of CEO Jonah Berg, KMK is poised to embark on an ambitious journey of expansion and innovation across the test prep and coaching offerings, further cementing its position as the premier destination for students on their journey to becoming optometrists.

“Our essence is defined by our commitment to continuous improvement, connection and academic integrity,” said Melissa Cheatham, Co-Founder of KMK. “We immediately recognized that Axcel is the partner that will uphold our values and continue to cultivate an environment where they thrive.”

For Axcel, the strategic and cultural alignment with KMK represents an important milestone, reinforcing its commitment to driving innovation and excellence across the professional education landscape and now into the world of healthcare. Jono Zeidan, CEO of Axcel, shared his excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with KMK, a beacon of excellence in education. Together, we are ready to shape the future of optometry education and beyond.”

DC Advisory served as the exclusive financial advisor to KMK Optometry.

About KMK Optometry

Founded in 2005 by CEO Kyle Cheatham and Melissa Cheatham, KMK Optometry (KMK) is a premier provider of comprehensive optometry board exam test preparation and coaching services. KMK offers online test prep courses for all three parts of the American NBEO optometry board exams and the Canadian OEBC exam. The company also provides small group coaching sessions, a community platform for students retaking NBEO exams who need additional support, and career solutions to match new optometry graduates to employers. Chosen by 98% of optometry students each year, KMK is the #1 choice for optometry board review in the United States and has helped tens of thousands of students prepare for NBEO® Part 1 and Part 2 exams. To learn more about KMK Optometry, visit

About Axcel Learning

Axcel Learning is a professional education business backed by Alpine Investors that is focused on buying, building and operating world-class education companies. Axcel is passionate about people, focused on training the modern workforce, and obsessed with delivering for customers and learners. For more information, visit

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Alpine Investors is a people-driven private equity firm committed to building enduring companies by working with, learning from, and developing exceptional people. Alpine specializes in investments in the software and services industries. Alpine’s PeopleFirst strategy includes a talent program that allows Alpine to bring leadership to situations where additional or new management is needed post-transaction. Alpine has $16 billion in assets under management and has three offices in San Francisco, New York, and Salt Lake City. For more information, visit and for full disclaimers including, but not limited to, third-party statements and certifications and Alpine Operations Group.

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