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Kiko Garcia

Kiko is a part of the Portfolio Operations team within Atlas that partners with portfolio companies to establish best-in-class finance…
Matthew Hicks
June 24, 2024

Michelle Lin

Michelle joins Alpine Investors as a VP of Sales, helping to lead the sales strategy across Alpine's portfolio and ensuring…
Anna Meyer
June 24, 2024

Kaitlin Farinella

Kaitlin sits on the Portfolio Operations team within Atlas and is responsible for portfolio company financial standup and assisting Alpine…
Anna Meyer
April 19, 2024

Jack McDonough

Jack McDonough is an analyst on the Playbook team. He helps Alpine portfolio companies with organic growth through monetization and…
Anna Meyer
April 15, 2024

Nidhi Badaya

Nidhi Badaya is the SVP of Monetization at Alpine. In her role, Nidhi partners with portfolio companies to drive revenue…
Anna Meyer
April 1, 2024

Aneesh Kanakamedala

Aneesh is a Product and Program Manager within Alpine’s AI lever, focusing on developing ML/DL capabilities across the portfolio. Prior…
Audrey Harris
January 8, 2024

Michael Getaneh

Michael is a member of the Playbook team, where he helps companies in the Alpine portfolio with organic growth. Prior…
Anna Meyer
January 2, 2024

Symon Braun Freck

As the AI Playbook Product Manager, Symon specializes in prompt engineering and making AI applications accessible through user-friendly playbooks for…
Anna Meyer
November 30, 2023

Albert Lo

Albert is part of the AI lever at Alpine, working directly with portfolio companies on high-impact AI projects in a…
Anna Meyer
November 28, 2023

Neil Khurana

Neil supports our Alpine Playbook focusing on Monetization strategy. He advises our portfolio leaders in maximizing revenue and contribution margin.…
Anna Meyer
July 13, 2023